Adventures in Learning

Developing your ability to realise your potential


Working With Us

Adventures in Learning can help you and/or your colleagues develop new ways of thinking and new behaviours through the following mediums :


Executive Coaching

One to one coaching, focused by an agenda driven by the individual.  All activity is governed by a personal contract drawn up between the individual and the coach.  Coaching sessions may be face to face or remote.  We recommend the early stages are face to face and away from the work place.


Group Coaching

Group facilitated face to face coaching sessions, often based around case studies drawn from real time challenges individual group members are facing.  With young professionals this can used to strengthen commercial networks and may also be used as part of a wider leadership development programme.


Management & Leadership Development Programmes

Programme design, delivery and evaluation to support corporate strategy.  It is possible to build management development activity into most aspect of day to day corporate management.  All programmes are a combination of theory and practice, with a strong empahsis on sustaining continuous development.


Alignment Surveys

Testing the gap between espoused strategy and actual behaviour when it comes to delivery.  Working with an insight into strategy obtained from a senior executive a cross section of employees are observed and questioned.  A resultant report outlines findings and makes developmental recommendations.