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Recommended Reads


Psychological Dimensions of Executive Coaching  Peter Bluckert 2006

Open University Press  978-0-335-22061-8


Facilitative Coaching  Dale Scharz & Anne Davidson  2009

Pfeiffer  978-0-470-19243-6


The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook  Peter Senge 1994

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The Psychology of Executive Coaching  Bruce Peltier 2001

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Counselling for Toads  Robert de Board  1997

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A Coach's Guide to Emotional Intelligence  James Bradford Terrell & Marcia

Hughes 2008

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Handbook of Coaching Psychology  Stephen Palmer & Alison Whybrow 2007

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The Mindful Coach  Doug Silsbee

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Time To Think  Nancy Kline 1999

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 An introduction to the technique of ‘Clean Language’ by Penny Tompkins & James Lawley

Rapport, Issue 35, 1997

This is a useful alternative to NLP based approaches to using metaphor to facilitate change




 Establishing internal ROI for coaching

Adapted from People Management March 2010 (David Clutterbuck)

1. Develop a robust method of assessing the quality of external coaches

2. Hire the coach not the firm

3. Agree hard measures of effectiveness

4. Develop an internal team of coaches - beware attempting to develop all managers

5. Think about the need for systemic change to support long term behavioural change




Developing Coaches & Mentors

We recommend membership of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.  The EMCC provide a framework for accredited development, with approved suppliers, as well as a local network and provision of local CPD workshops.


EMCC also have a group on Linked-in which provides a useful source of debate and advice.